Kuyate is a combination of two words, Kuya and Ate. In the Filipino languages, Kuya means big brother & Ate means big sister. Alyssa and I are the eldest in our families. Growing up, we have always taken on the role as the Kuya and Ate of our Kapatid, which means siblings, to take care of them and also know that we have so much to learn as we hopefully inspire them to be courageous, loving, and family-oriented— traits that Filipinos all over the world are proud of. We bring that same spirit to our fellow members in the Filipino American community in all that we do, and at Kuyate, we do it through clothing. 

So to our fellow Kuyas, Ates, and Kapatid, we hope that you can wear this clothing with pride. We hope that each piece of clothing you wear can unlock memories of your childhood, from Filipino parties, to being in the Filipino club at your school-- or to let people around you learn something new about your culture. Let’s show the world how proud we are to be Filipino.

AJ Rafael & Alyssa Navarro
Co-Owners of Kuyate